• Katie Huffman

What a Week!

The past 10 days have been a bit more challenging than anticipated. Late in the day on January 23rd, we discovered the boiler was leaking water. Upon further examination, it was clear that the boiler was irreparable. Thankfully, a new boiler had already been ordered as part of the project. But, it wasn't scheduled to be installed until April. A few phone calls later, and we were on track to rush the installation. Fast forward to today, and the new boiler is in place and hard at working bringing the building back to comfortable temperatures.

In the meantime, construction continued and library staff prepared for the beginning of Phase II. Children's Librarian Julie Bartley and Young Adult Librarian Nike Desis hand-selected items from their respective collections to relocate to the Genealogy Room. Reference Librarian Linda Alexander packed up the Genealogy collections for storage on-site to make room for the incoming youth collections. Everyone pitched in to relocate materials and equipment from the Check-Out Desk to the newly re-configured Reference Desk.

The construction crews were hard at work too. The gaping hole in the 2nd floor ceiling was repaired and patched, and the entire room got a new coat of paint. New countertops were assembled in the new staff offices and the new heating units were installed. Carpet installation began on Saturday and will continue into next week.

This coming week we will begin Phase II while wrapping up Phase I. Moving crews will relocate the staff offices to the new space, pack up the Children's, Young Adult, and Adult Nonfiction 000-600 collections, and begin to reassemble the BookCellar shelving. The following week, construction crews will begin to build the temporary walls through the main entrance, and we will be reopening the Reading Room.

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