The Renewal Project is a multi-year project to re-evaluate and
re-imagine library services and plan for the future.  The project is the natural outcome of the Library’s 2015 long-range planning process and development of new mission and vision statements.



is to inspire lifelong learning and discovery in a welcoming place with exceptional resources, programs and services.



is to be the community’s vibrant hub for engagement, discovery and creativity.

While we are proud of the services we provide, we are confident we can do more to better meet the needs of the community.  Last year, we welcomed over 43,000 visitors through our doors, provided space for over 200 community meetings, fielded over 3,800 reference questions, checked out more than 69,000 print and digital items, and hosted 349 events attended by over 7,000 people.  But we need to do more. 

The Renewal Project goals include, among others, providing more and better study and meeting spaces, more up-do-date collections, more programming to educate and entertain, and fine-tuning our services to meet the immediate and long-term needs of the community.  A vital part of achieving these goals and realizing our mission is creating a fit-for-purpose facility. 



Building Committee

Ken Biega (Chair)

Kirsten Sicuranza (Board President) Lynn Fairfield-Sonn

Russell Fogg

Katie Huffman (Library Director)

Michaelle Pearson

Anna Reiter (Town of OL Liaison)

David Stanland (Board Treasurer)

Alan Poirier (2015-2018)

Renewal Campaign Committee

Susan Bates

Wil Bradford

Mary Dangremond

David Kelsey

Edward G. Perkins

David Preston

Kirsten Sicuranza (Board President)

Roger Smith

Sydney Williams

Katie Huffman (Library Director)

Katie Balocca (Dev. Asst.)

Evelyn Morgen (Admin Asst.)

Janet Sturges (2018)


Many people have contributed to the success of this project.  We’d like to thank the Library Board of Trustees for their ongoing work on this project as well as the many individuals involved with the Town of Old Lyme and the State Library who have provided support and feedback along the way.